Date Published:
12 Feb


If you’re a follower of games, gaming news whether through social media, streams or YouTube, you'd know that all the buzz these past few days is about APEX Legends.

But what is APEX Legends?

Well, APEX Legends is a free to play Battle Royale game by Respawn Entertainment set in the Titanfall Universe. Respawn created both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 franchises.
Yeah, I know. You might be thinking with eyes rolling “Ugh, another battle royale game!”
But hold your horses there cowboy. There's more to APEX Legends (AL) than just another BR game.
AL is not just another Fortnite or PUBG re-skin but a game you can say learned from its BR predecessors but from other shooter games as well.
Let's just say that APEX Legends is not just a Fornite/PUBG clone but also plays like Black Ops 4's Blackout and you won't believe this part, Overwatch. Interesting eh? Well, let me tell you why.

GAMEPLAY: How it plays

Like any BR game, APEX Legends focuses on similar mechanics as its predecessors.

  • Drops from pre-determined transport.
  • You choose your own drop zone. When you drop, loot items are available all across the map.
  • The map shrinks in the form of a circle (called a RING in this case), making players focus on a specific part of the map that is determined by progressive time limits.
  • Last man standing rules apply and named Champion at the end of the match.

However, like any other BR game out there, AL adds its own twist to it and even added a few more features that make the game easier to play than Fornite and PUBG.

First, APEX Legends is hero-based. This means you’re not some generic soldier in the battlefield. No two players in a squad are alike. On that note, the game focuses on squad-play more so than any other BR game out there. When you start the game you are immediately teamed up in a group of 3 players. Each hero or operator has its own unique ability, class and play style that cements your purpose to this three-man team. Whether you play as a scout, defensive, offensive or support character, your abilities will complement each other on the map.

The game also rewards your efforts from your last play not just in the form of experience points but through RECOGNITION. Surprised? Yes, the game actually lets everyone know who the best player to look out for based on their past game. Meaning, if you were a champion on your last match, the game will let everyone on the current match you're in, know that you or your squad are the current champions. Great eh?


Two new features, that are also unique to APEX is the PING system and the Respawn system. Let's start with the ping system. This feature helps those who are pretty much silent in a BR game, you know the “no mic” group or what’s usually common in ASIA servers, the “No English” group. Kidding aside, the ping system helps you “PING” or point out things you currently would have to type about or announce through the mic like useful ammo for your team, places of significance and most importantly enemy locations. This consequently triggers voice-overs by you and your teammates' heroes. Actually, the entire game and its important features are voice-overs such as the Ring moving, time when the ring will shrink, who the kill leader is, if the kill leader is dead, if the champion is dead, and even how many squads are left are all strategically voiced over to implement immersion all through the match.

Anyway, I digress, here's the other unique feature which is the Respawn system. Ever been in a situation while playing PUBG or Fortnite wherein your teammate didn't “RES” or revive you in time? Having you wait in the sidelines while the match ended? Well worry no more, because aside from a usual res system APEX Legends added the respawn system that lets you back in the game even after death as long as you have a team to respawn you.
All your teammate has to do is respawn a hero or both heroes on strategically placed respawn machines located all throughout the map is by getting hold of your banner. This basically removes the down and out state that most BRs have issues on and were never addressed.

The Respawn Beacon


What Respawn Entertainment did to APEX Legends is not really mind-blowing or revolutionary but what a “COMPLETE GAME” should be in a time when games are shipped unfinished, chopped into pieces and only completed after a year of neverending DLCs, patches and deafening demands from the gaming community.
There are parts of APEX Legends that would turn off a great many players though. Like the existence of lootboxes, the ability to purchase more lootboxes with real-world money and most glaringly the fact that this game was published by EA.

However, none of these translates to a pay 2 win scheme although it would have been great to have the option to just purchase skins or items I want to have rather than gambling for it with lootbox purchases.

However as even Respawn's head Vince Zampella said in his interview with Venturebeat on his comments for the game,

“ It’s exciting for us because it’s something new for Respawn... It’s something new for EA. It’s putting EA in this position of slight discomfort. We haven’t done this before, but let’s do it. They’re embracing it and backing us. For me, it’s exciting to see that because that was the promise. Let’s get together and do great things. The fact that they’re living up to that is exciting.”

Which means it wasn't EA that pushed for the BR idea and all that comes with APEX Legends, it was Respawn themselves and EA is taking a backseat and letting them do their thing, backing them up as he said.

I trust Respawn to know what’s best for them to make a profit out of this game and I know they won’t abuse our trust in this matter. In any case, I’d be happy to toss a few pesos their way as an appreciation for this brilliant game.

If there's something I can say about APEX Legends is this: TRY IT OUT!

Look the game came out of nowhere and has already more than 10 million players playing it within its first week, a feat not achieved by its BR predecessors. It also has more than 1 Million players concurrent players logged in and ready to take you on as we speak. There is no hype train here before it launched but a hype train created by players themselves, WE BUILT THIS TRAIN! Not EA, nor Respawn who both have no clue this was going to be a hit.

The fact that it's free to play just adds on to the ease of access of this game but personally I know its more than that. A game that is complete in all sense of the word, balanced hero gameplay that hasn't been seen in a while on launch day and most importantly a game that shows us that the Battle Royale genre has yet to see its potential no matter what people say and APEX Legends is a testament to that.

Lastly, APEX Legends is that one game that we didn't expect and to a point don't deserve. From here on out we just expect more from it in the coming months if not years to come. If you still think APEX Legends won't live up to your hype? Well, what can I say bud, you're missing out on all the fun.

P.S. Add me as iNANGplays on Origin, I'll show why this game is so great


Jaemi De Guzman