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Episode 51

LoL: Wildrift and Dota2: Battlepass... WTF! (What's The Fuss?)

What's the fuss about Riot Game's LOL: Wildrift Alpha Testing and DOTA2's Battlepass spending? Listen to our discussions on game testing, marketing, game spending, and MOBAs.

Episode 50

Buhay Gamer - SillyKonpeito: From Cosplay to Stream and Play

We chat with SillyKonpeito about her streaming career, her life as a cosplayer, and other things. Joining the episode is longtime guest Dexty and a surprise appearance by Vivz.

Episode 49

Stay Negative

Metro Manila gamer, Overseas Gamer, Over the Mountain Gamer, and South of Metro Manila Gamer gathered separately in their homes on Discord to talk about life during the Season of COVID.

Episode 48

Gaming in the Time of COVID

The Quarantined Episode - a short episode just discussing game news and life under the cloud of the COVID19 pandemic.

Stay Home, Stay Clean, Stay Sane and pwede na Puro Laro!

Episode 47

Video Games VS Board Games: Is it a competition? An evolution? Or something else?

Is there a competition between Video Games and Board Games? Or is Video Games an upgraded version of Board Games? Or is there something else to the Video Game VS Board Game question?

To shed some light on tabletop gaming and development in the Philippines are our guests Freddie Tan from Ludus Distributors and MyKey Cuento of The Tabletop Traveler and Creator of Pawikan Patrol the Card Game.