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Buhay Developer: Secret 6

Jaemi talks to Jem, Nicole, Rouie, & Sarah about their experiences with working with AAA studios on titles such as Just Cause 4 & Tomb Raider.

Secret 6 is a veteran game development studio based in San Francisco, the Philippines, and Madrid. We specialize in 3D art for AAA titles, 2D art, and full game production across all platforms.


Believe Nothing, Listen to Everything

Jaemi, Vivs, and Dexty talk about the current #MeToo wave hitting the Video Game shores and how the ML vs LoL Ph communities came to blows.


LoL: Wildrift and Dota2: Battlepass... WTF! (What's The Fuss?)

What's the fuss about Riot Game's LOL: Wildrift Alpha Testing and DOTA2's Battlepass spending? Listen to our discussions on game testing, marketing, game spending, and MOBAs.


Buhay Gamer | SillyKonpeito: From Cosplay to Stream and Play

We chat with SillyKonpeito about her streaming career, her life as a cosplayer, and other things. Joining the episode is longtime guest Dexty and a surprise appearance by Vivz.


Stay Negative

Metro Manila gamer, Overseas Gamer, Over the Mountain Gamer, and South of Metro Manila Gamer gathered separately in their homes on Discord to talk about life during the Season of COVID.