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Game Reveals, Blizzcon + Nintendo Direct, and the most sidetracked episode EVER!

Nintendo Direct and Blizzconline just happened and we discuss the games that Blizzard announced. Nintendo Direct? ... uh ... We also got sidetracked about the PS5's pre-order blues, uh, and other stuff.


Gaming News, RGBs, and Side Quests

In today's episode, the team discusses this week's gaming news. Some of the topics discussed are...

  • CD Projekt RED Hacked
  • Chinese New Year Sales
  • IKEA Gaming Chair and RGB stuff
  • Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us
  • Riot Games CEO sued for sexual harassment
  • Losers bracket: Simping and Bullying
  • Side Quests within a Side Quests
  • and more...

Searching for Love Stories in Video Games

Listen to the team discuss why there are very few games that the main focus of their plot is a love story. It's mostly adventure stories, just gameplay, or "the power of friendship".


Isang Gabi ng LAGIM!

We talk to the guys behind the LAGIM Card Game. How they designed it, what inspired them and WHY ARE WE RECORDING THIS ON A FULL MOON?


Realities of Adulting: Do you still game?

As an adult, do you still have the time or energy to play video games?

In this episode, Jaemi and Vivz, joined by Luciel, talks about the realities and struggles of playing video games when you've reach adult life. Reminisce with us in our ride into the life of a gamer in the late 80s, retro games, and what is given up or lost when you enter adulting mode.

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