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A Base Set Charizard is How Much?!

We talk to Doug Chin-Lee of Certified Sports Guarantee ( and talk about card grading and collectibles. How much a certified card is on the market and the process behind certifying a collectible.


Bad Arguments & Nominations

This is an episode of really Bad Arguments! A negative comment is said against "Madam's" content. Is the comment justified? Is Madam and Ate K's response right? Do you agree with the commenter? Would you say it differently? Would you respond the same way?

Thank You for Philippine Podcast Directory Nomination for Podcast of the Year! Humbled and Thankful

Our commentary on The Game Awards Nominations. Do you agree with our winners? Who do you think will win?


The Mika Daime Cheating Accusation

Did Mika Daime cheat?
Do you believe that she cheated?
Is the accusation based on sound reasoning?  

Listen to Jaemi and Vivz discuss the accusation leveled against Miko, who allegedly cheated on Valorant. And the community and industry response to this issue.


The Hype & Wars Among D'Odience

Is giving in to the hype a bad thing? Is there really a console war? Isn't there someone among us that will bring the audience together?

Jaemi and Vivz, after more than a month, review the news and events that affect the global and local gaming spheres. We touch on Playstation Showcase, Playstation 5, Console Wars, Among Us, and more.


LARO! | Chronoshot by Quickfire Labs

Jaemi, Rainier talk to Tony, Noah of Quickfire Labs about Chronoshot a free-to-play score-driven sci-fi arena shooting game, with specialized time mechanics.

Know more about Quickfire Labs and their game Chronoshot. What inspirations they tapped into to make this. What features they plan to add.

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