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Game Reveals, Blizzcon + Nintendo Direct, and the most sidetracked episode EVER!

Nintendo Direct and Blizzconline just happened and we discuss the games that Blizzard announced. Nintendo Direct? ... uh ... We also got sidetracked about the PS5's pre-order blues, uh, and other stuff.

About PKL!

The Puro Ka Laro! concept was the brainchild of two individuals, John Lopez and Jaemi De Guzman. Coughed up from brain farts, the two discussed on a project familiar enough for Filipino gaming fans but only a handful few dared to venture, a gaming talk-show!

In a market where social media was dominated by both political and ‘hugot’ pages, John and Jaemi came up with Puro Ka Laro! to shake up things in the social media world and vowed to never take themselves seriously.

Speaking of not taking themselves seriously, they came up with the name Puro Ka Laro! as an homage to what mothers, friends, girlfriends and even to a point wives or what general naysayers would tell us whenever we’d play our games. Kung ano-ano kasi inaatupag mo eh!

This is the main reason why these two southern metro manila boys came up with this talk-show. So that we, the ever growing Filipino gaming community, would have a place to go to where we can discuss, react, interact, hangout, share stories and just basically talk about games.

We wanna hear your stories too! Your triumphs and tribulations in those insurmountable odds playing your games. Regardless if it may be single-player or multiplayer, with friends, frenemies or even strangers. Whether it may be in your home, your friends house, a restaurant or net-cafe. We don’t care if takes the form of RPGs, ARPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, FPS, Strategy, Turn-based Strategy, RTS, Sports Games, Thematic, Euro, Wargames, Abstracts even Family Games, we don’t care! As long as it’s about gaming we’ll listen, read and discuss it in our podcast.

We’ll not just discuss games but what being a gamer is really like, what you are all about. It’s time we had our voice. It’s time we showed them how big we all are!

As Starcraft’s Tychus Finlay once said, “Hell, it’s about time!”

Puro Ka Laro! is not just a show or a social media page but it’s about all of us!



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